Monday, April 25, 2016

Recreating Day 1

So, I decide that with my work and school schedule to change things up. I do not have the energy to spend on double workouts everyday. I need something that is an hour in the gym and also to where I still have the energy to run and swim a double workout a few times a week. I downloaded Ashley Horner's "Recreating You" workout program. I love Ashley Horner. She is not only an amazing athlete, but a true inspiration in her different adventures. Look her up! I chose "Recreating You" because it requires less equipment than a few of the other programs. Planet Fitness is lacking some of the essentials like kettle bells and even a bench press rack. I would have to use the Smith Machine. So, this program seemed perfect. Today was Day 1. I also switched to a couple of days a week trying to get more protein through these Fresh Fit meals. Below is what I ate today and did during my workout.

Me during my workout at PFit. Still got the sweat on even though it was mostly body weight exercises.

Day 1 Complete.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 1 : Leg Workout

    Today, well that started my re-do. I have been trying to get into a routine for months. I scheduled a trip to Sandals Grande St. Lucia for September 2017 and by that time. I want to be cut, like Ashley Horner cut. She is an amazing athlete who continually motivates me to do and be better. So, with that...back to the gym today. I am working out at Planet Fitness and I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. The price is great and the flexibility in the times to workout is awesome. I can also tan, which is important for this fair skinned girl. But, they lack several items that I like to work out with like an actual weight bench, kettle bells, medicine balls, or even boxes. So, I can either do those at the Northside Natatorium after practice to finish out my workout or figure out ways to improvise.
             I am trying to hold myself accountable. So, I figured I would use my blog for that. I will post my workouts everyday and my food intake. That way I can show my progression over time. Today, was leg day. A lot of people hate leg day... I tend to love it. With my strength training, I am trying to build my weight up. I am trying to set monthly goals of increasing weights by 15% for the first three months. So, we will see how I do. The 1/2 mile today felt pained. I hate running on treadmills. The squats on the Smith Machine felt good, but I was focusing on sitting further back and keeping my knees from bowing in. One pain about the PFit is that they only have barbells up to 60lbs. Really????????? So to further my Russian Dead Lifts, I guess I will have to use dumb bells. Everyday day I am strength training at the PFit, I will add one more burpee and toe bar.     

     This is my protein box. I stole Starbuck's idea, because I didn't want to keep paying $5 for this. I like mine better because I am not a huge fan of apples. I eat one of these a day as either snack after the gym or before swim practice. I need to switch up some cherry tomatoes for something else.

     Here is today's food count. I need to up my protein and lessen the carbs. I definitely had too many cups of joe today, along with the creamer. Tomorrow, I will try and lower the carbs by 10 grams and up the protein by 10g. I also want to reach 100oz of water.

      Well, I am off to bed for some much needed sleep!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Personal growth 2016

Personal growth goals for 2016:

I am extremely hard on myself and the decisions that I make. Mistakes for me, even if unintentional, are unacceptable. I also don't like it to appear that I do not know what I am doing.  These are a few things that I am trying to work on this year. I am also working on not settling, whether it be on a decision, an outcome that I am not happy about, or employment. It is important to always work or want for something more.

So, how am I going to achieve these things?

1. If I am unhappy with something, I am trying to speak up. Even though most don't believe it, I am very quite natured. I don't like conflict. I don't strive to upset others, but if something is blatantly wrong, I will speak up.
2. If an opportunity arises, jump at it and take it. Whether it be, to travel or further my career I need to get out of my comfort zones. To work on this, I have been pushing through my second Master's program in Public history. I should graduate before the end of the year. I can't settle for a position with the Department of Defense, no matter how comfortable I am. Change is never bad. I will put together a resume and start sending it out to museums or schools here to see if I can get any takers. It never hurts to take a chance.
3. Mistakes....always been a weakness for me.  I will just keep trying to constantly not beat myself up. Once I make a decision move on, whether it was wrong or right. I need to accept that some things are just going to happen and I can not play "God" and change it or keep it from occurring. Some things are just out of my hands. goals for 2016.

Monday, February 29, 2016

New Year New Outlook

There have been a lot of changes my family in the last six months. Not only have we moved away from our Montana home, I have had to leave my swim team, my job which I loved, and friends that I had just truly made. So, I think with all the change....we need to drive some personal growth and change as well.

First thing I want to do this year is raise our credit scores by 50 points. To do that, we need to save and clear debt. I have four specific cards that I want to eliminate and also put back a substantial amount of cash in our savings. My husband and I have been spenders for decades, while here and making more, we need to play less and think more about the future. We are ten years out from retirement and we need to start thinking about where we want to settle down. So, over the next ten months, I want us to be frugal on some things ( eating out, mindless shopping online, or silly must haves) while still being able to enjoy our vacations at the same time.

For an example, we stayed in on Saturday night and watched movies on Amazon Prime and ate a good dinner, rather than spending ton of money at a restaurant. But, I failed and purchased stuff from Zulily. So, my goal is not to even visit the Zulily site. I have a motto on top of computer to remind me not to even visit. I will also delete all shopping emails to avoid even looking at them.

Tomorrow... we will talk about personal growth and how I am doing on the financial pieces.